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“CLOOP” project

In the CLOOP project, we develop a neural-based cutting-edge technology to optimize individuals’ learning performance using an ongoing electroencephalography (EEG) recording and transcranial alternate current stimulation (tACS) in a closed-loop manner.


The main concept is to measure the subject-specific ongoing neural activity during practice, identify the brain signals that need to be boosted or altered in order to optimize the learning phase, and then apply transcranial alternate current stimulation (tACS) aiming to boost/alter these specific signals.

Next, we will re-measure the signals
again and then – using advanced machine learning algorithms that we have developed – adjust the tACS stimulation to optimize the targeted neural activity of a
specific individual.


This closed loop would go on for a specific period of time (on the order of 30 minutes) until the targeted brain activity will be evident and learning enhancement achieved. This closed-loop session could be repeated for consecutive days until significant improvement is accomplished.

Our main goal is to improve cognitive functions and learning via this novel,
personalized, targeted, and activity-specific brain stimulation device. It will monitor
and enhance real-time ongoing neural activity.


This promises to advance the field of
learning and cognitive enhancement by eventually replacing the pharmacological
based substances currently used such as methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta). There
is no current device in the industry that is capable of this kind of flexibility.

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